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#Malleswaram_memories_ 2

Continuing my memoirs from where I left off here are more nuggets of cherished remembrances

• Kannada literature attracted me from then till now and I used to see N Pankaja and A Pankaja-the two lady novelists who lived in Malleswaram. N Pankaja who wrote-Sipayi Ramu original novel -Barale innu yamune)

• Gandhi Sahitya Sangha another favourite place in 8th Cross, where revered poet GP Rajarathnam in his rich baritone voice used to give lectures in the evenings

• Aralumallige Parthasarathy a writer among others

• Malleswaram Co-Op Society which had old and new buildings had good moderate shopping experience for the middle class.

• Mithra bazaar our favourite small supermarket of those days in 8th cross

• Mahendra vastaralaya and Veenus for Clothes

• There was a Carona ( NOT CORONA) shoe shop in 8th cross) next to Janatha hotel beside Bata a little distance awayon Margosa Rd

• Down the road 8th cross corner heaps of Kumkum and Turmeric were displayed in corner shops. Remember? There was a chaat shop too there.. Forgot the name

• Dr Parthasarathi and Dr Chandrashekhar Kedilaya were popular physicians near 7th cross, Dr Krishnarao too near 3rd cross

• Popular stores owned by Nadkarni family was a popular drug house medical shop

• Jayam shopping complex was one of its kind at that time and had a few LP records and cassettes shops there

• There was a Malleswaram Tiffin Room( MTR!!) too opp to the Society on Sampige road but closed down later

• Shankar book bank was in a small lane next to Bata showroom and it had all kinds of English detective fiction and Asterix and Archie comic books

More in next post,,, as I go to upper Malleswaram beyond 10th cross to 18th cross

Here is a rare gem of aphotograph of Malleswaram Circle, an answer to many new bengalureans who ask me why is it called a Circle when there is only an Underpass.

This was then, the circle lamp post in the centre, standing majestically, even before signal lights were installed and this was removed!!

Friends who remember these landmarks may please add comments!

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