My Tribute to Vinod Khanna

Was Vinod Khanna an under rated superstar, largely because he was overshadowed by Big B in his prime?

Vinod Khanna was undoubtedly handsome, tall and suave. He acted pretty well too. He did Mere Apne under Gulzar in his formative years. He acted in Multi-starrers alongside Amitabh Bacchan in AAA, Khoon pasina, Hera pheri and Rajesh Khanna in Aan milo sajna,Saccha Jhuta, Kudrat etc..Was he under rated after all? I really used to like him in tough cop roles as well as in suspense thrillers like Shaque and actioners like Inkaar and Lahu Ke do Rang to name a few. Some of the movies in which I liked him here>>


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