Mom Film Review: Safe with mother Sridevi’s bravura

Sridevi is a performer . She always gives her 100% in all roles. Mom, her second outing after comeback in ‘English Vinglish’ rests safely on her able shoulders .

The Sridevi whom you meet in her role of Devki here as the stepmom to a difficult teenage daughter (played ably by a new face Sajal Ali) is totally different from the chubby innocent Moonram pirai( Sadma) heroine or the glamorous star of Mr India or Chaalbaaz days.

She looks her age; wrinkles, hollow cheeks and all, as she should, but her eyes are still captivating and her expressions pitch perfect as ever.

This movie is shaped as a thriller with a relevant contemporary theme of young women under attack in urban India. The new director Ravi Udyavar has done a commendable job of handling the sensitive theme with an admirable equilibrium of being not preachy, nor too dark and gory. The villains are believable not caricatures and situations the characters get into are true to today’s newspaper headlines.

The cast is perfectly suited for a bumbling half comic private detective Nawazuddin Siddiqui who acts with a panache and a  brooding yet strong Akshaye Khanna as a worried Police detective, working under different pulls. The rest of the cast put in efficient performances too.

The story is all about how the law lets go of criminals as loopholes are aplenty in the so called ‘court cases’, when they are based on weak forensics and/or unconvincing evidence. Sridevi dons the role of an avenging angel with some innovative methods of dealing with the criminals.

The movie has blistering pace and never a dull moment. There is enough  sentimentality in the reels to please women in the audience and men who may want thrills and action.

Don’t miss this mother, she means to win your hearts.

Rating 4/5



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